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Monday, 19 February 2018

Winging it!

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 *using Water Fairy*

For a change I decided to just colour my image first
(I wanted to keep her pale and delicate)...
and then try and find papers to match...
I liked the way the stripes on this piece looked 
like water dropping down...
so used a section for layering behind the 
fussy cut image(along with a little coordinating mesh)
The base paper lent itself to a little glittering :D
I mean...what Daisy wouldn't enjoy a little glitter?

Enjoy :D XXX
I would like to enter the following challenges;
(mesh ribbon)

Friday, 16 February 2018

And Finally....but never ending...

I didn't have anything planned for the final day of
so I thought I'd make an 
Anniversary card for hubby.... 
 I couldn't resist the Barbara Anderson card stack
 from Joanna Sheen last month, the rich botanicals
are so me!
 and this set just said "Beautiful but toxic" to my
warped mind...
I added a paper doll, who just happened to have a matching gown
and gave her a pair of leathery *not so angelic* wings.
Hope you've enjoyed the blog hop as much as I have :D

Thursday, 15 February 2018

And sometimes I do cute!

Day 4 of LeighSB's Dark Valentine's Hop

and I thought you may need something a little less....
just a little mwahahahaha....
so here are a few past cards I've made ...

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


It may be day 3 of LeighSB's Dark Valentine Hop...
but it is also 
for this post I will share a secret....

"What's inside the box?"
is the question most asked about just about any box
anywhere ever :D
The box I have in mind has made 2 appearances in my 
life so far....
Firstly in a short story I wrote

and more recently as an altered art piece

but in neither case were the contents revealed...
so before I do...a little ditty...

A Vampyric Lullaby:
(commonly sung by Vampire Nannies)

A Tisket....A Tasket...
A Coffin or a Casket
Wherever you choose to make your bed
Be sure to never lose your Head.

The World's a danger from the start,
So mind your careful with your Heart.
It's just as precious as your Head.
If missing either you'll end up dead!

So flit and Fly my sweet young thing,
Above the clouds on silken wing.
Breaking Hearts if they but ask it...
I'll keep yours safe...
inside my Casket!

 need a closer look?
Well seriously....what did you think I would have hidden
in an old Valentines...buried under the privet????
I do like to stay true to the old ways mwahahahaha...