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Friday, 24 February 2017

Take time to think...

Today's Prompt from A Dash of Sunny is
pen a poem based on a conversation with a friend...
let us be humane in difficult and dark times.

My piece is very short...
and based on a brief conversation with my youngest
who avoids the "world" as much as possible.
He is good at Math, but I have never found it relevant...
yet it was math I used to try and understand what is going on right now.
His query...
"Why do people who claim to be for Peace and Love
 now think it is ok to Hate and Hurt others?"

"Maybe they believe a negative + a negative = a positive"
(Though personally that is a concept I find hard to accept)

Respect for others

If you don't have any
I don't have any
the only Whole that is created
is a dark one.


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Time for a tidy up....

I don't like housework,
 but I do like to try and keep my work areas tidy.
*which isn't easy when you have as many different projects on the go as I tend to*
So this month I am investing in "storage".
Plastic boxes are great, but not inspiring in noticeable areas like table tops.
This is when mdf flat pack comes into it's own.
 I know have a lovely clear sewing table
 with storage to match my home decor :D

The unit is from Stamps Away and went together in 5 minutes...
yes it was that easy, just a spot or two of pva glue on the crate edges
to hold them in place while I painted them. 
 One coat of matt emulsion covered the mdf easily.

Now to decorate the draw fronts...
my fav Graphic 45 papers and distress inks...

 to create basic panels. 
I like "aged" so I scuffed all paper edges before inking.
*make-up blender sponges are brilliant for inking*

I didn't glue anything in place until I had all my pieces ready
and used scraps of the same papers to test ideas out 
before making final marks.

The stitching is done with my Joanna Sheen Haberdashery stamps.

Now to add some interest.
I wanted something slightly raised...
 and settled on these "inchies" I made years ago.
 One for each draw, mounted on coordinating card stock,
accompanied by toppers from my Graphic 45 paper pad.
 *trying out arrangements before gluing*
 Simple, tidy...and I still get to stroke my fav papers :D

Coming soon...
Ribbon storage unit!!!!

Enjoy XXX

Monday, 20 February 2017

Encouraged by friends...

Haven't done much writing lately as I said earlier,
haven't felt motivated in that particular direction.
I tend t live by the rule
 " if you can't say something nice don't say anything"
Doesn't mean I don't hear or see what is going on , just that I choose
to moderate my reactions.
I have missed writing though, and friends have encouraged me to get out of my cave and come play again.
So here is my piece for this weeks 

If our eyes are the windows to our souls
Then the eyes of a friend are a mirror.

If I behave badly, they show me the ugliness within.
Yet, if I am feeling worthless, they shine
and highlight the many facets to my being.

Stepping through the eyes of my friend
I can journey into a Wonderland,
where bright colours sparkle with life,
escaping the grey of my own world for 
moments of joy.

Through the eyes of my friend I can find myself
when I feel lost, alone and anxious.
They pierce the gloom to light my way.

Through the eyes of my friend I can see the Me
that others see...
Maybe they can teach me
 to be a better friend to Me.

Thank you.

Time to move on....

 For Challenge #150 at Dream Valley Challenge
we are asking you to 
and our sponsor is 

For those who follow by blog you will know I have just written the final episode of 
Abigail's story in the "Moon Daisies" saga...
This is the book I have written it out in.
 see... :D
 I decided this book needed a more interesting cover
*beautiful though it was*
I already had this image "Goth Girl"
printed out on watercolour paper. I hadn't used her as she had blurred,
but her "faded" appearance seemed appropriate for the task in hand.
 I added a metal watch brad
and stuck her onto black gloss card.
it looked a little stark against the soft faded florals...

so I added another layer first,soft grey patterned paper from 
my Anna Grffin Stash, 
making sure all edges were scuffed and grunged.
 The mottoes are from a Hot off the Press ephemera pad
"A brief and important period of time"
"A precise point in time"

Enjoy :D XXX
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