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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Simply Thinking of you...

I have never been very good at the CAS card style
so I was determined to give it ago this week for 
the new challenge at Addicted to Stamps.

I wanted to work on a 6x6 card, but didn't have any!!!
So I took a larger card and cut it down to size.
The reason for 6x6 was I had just bought this X-Cut 
embossing folder and wanted to use it to frame a stamped image...
To make sure the image fit I masked off the centre of the blank card to the size of the inner frame...
and grabbed my other new bargain buy...
Create a scene set from Docrafts.
Simple over stamping in black and deep teal...
made a lovely soft scene for the centre of the card.
(but I used the wrong masking tape and it damaged the card surface)
Still I fitted the card into the embossing folder...
...and got it wonky, which annoyed me :/
So I cut another 6x6, cut the original art work from the wonky frame and mounted it on some pastel teal satin finish cardstock, before adding as a topper wihin the new frame.
A little rub of a paler teal ink lifts the embossing just a little
*just couldn't leave it plain white lol*
Enjoy :D XXX

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Also I would like to give a quick reminder that you still have time to join the current challenge over at Crafting When We Can # 126 Use Dies and Punches

Friday, 26 August 2016

A link to the past...

This weeks Prompt at Dezinaworld's Cheeky Challenge is
*photo of my great-great-grandmother Ann Hudson 1840-1917*

While the Prompt from A Dash of Sunny is

A Tangible link

Though we never met I see your face,
And know you must have lived life at a pretty full pace.
No one is left to voice your stories
yet the gleam in your eyes tells of long lost glories.
So I trawled through the records to link with your life
and found you weren't married...
just "common-law-wife".
That the one I descend from was purely your own
though your long term family was rapidly grown.
You had many more children named after their Dad,
but he wasn't the father to your first born lad.
I may never find who you loved so long ago,
though he must have been special to hold your heart so.
You stayed with "Mr Owen" to the end of his days
but kept your own name against all "proper" ways.
When in 1911 the Census came
 your listed
"Miss Ann Hudson"
You valiant old Dame!
*the image above was sent to me by a relative*

Enjoy :D XXX
*collage includes images from Dezinaworld and Daisy Trail*


Tuesday, 23 August 2016


but I still love making things a bit creepy
 Using my X-cut Graveyard dies AGAIN,
but this time I used the outer  layer to cut an aperture in the main card.
 I grunged it up with distress inks, then cut the second layer 
from a piece of brown co-ordinations cardstock, which I glued to
the underside of the front.
 Next I gathered a collection of promarkers that co-ordinated,
 and shaded the "Graveyard" digital background image from
Delicious Doodles
 Kept it subtle as I was going for a "faded with age" look.
 This was then glued again to the underside of the front piece.
I love this collection of victorian/gothic images from
Simpy Betty Stamps, and Mina was just the perfect addition
to this scene...
 Her ghostly presence lifted by the hope of friendship :D
Finally, a few crunchy paper flowers and a subtle hint of glitter
for the Ladies at Tuesday Thowdown who have asked us to "Make it Sparkle" :D
Enjoy :D XX

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Monday, 22 August 2016

One from the Grave...

Sharing this piece from many years ago for this weeks
Dash of Sunny Prompt night 
"Let's gather around for a ghost story"


On cliff top waiting, the sea spray washing tears away.
A glimpse of sail is all I crave.
How many days have I spent, hoping, praying?
When, if ever, will this torment end?

He was only supposed to be away for a month. Just a short trip this time.
That was over a year ago now.

I know that men are notoriously bad timekeepers, but annoyance was replaced by fear many months back.

My first thought had been,"How could he be so casual about our forthcoming nuptials?"
My next had been, "What could have delayed him so?"
My third had been actions rather than words, and so, I raced to the cliff top, calling, shouting, sobbing. My cries answered only by those of the seabirds, circling above and below.

How cruel is life?

I promised to wait for him, but what of his promise to me?
He said he would be back. He told me to prepare for his return. So the dress hangs from my shoulders still.
They want me to give in to the obvious, but how can I?
The date twice come and gone, yet I wait, alone.

Others would have turned their backs months ago, but I am proud.
A promise is a promise, open ended. No "until"s or "unless"s were mentioned between us.

So I have waited, am waiting, will wait.
That's how it is taught in school. Past, Present, Future. He is all these things to me.

I hear people talking as I pass by. They think that I am loosing my mind....maybe I should change my dress? After all, it could do with a little repair work around the hem. It wouldn't do to turn up at the alter in rags now would it?
But it feels like a betrayal of trust. He told me to be ready!

I hear people calling,shouting, crying out!


I race to the churchyard to meet him.
The flowers are just beautiful....and the words on our headstone are being altered...


Enjoy XXX