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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

For whom the Bells toll....

This weeks Prompt from 
A Dash of Sunny Halloween Special

Moon Daisies pt 8 Our Kind of Flower.

"Toss a coin." suggested Mavis helpfully.

"SERIOUSLY?  You'd make a life or death decision on the result of a game of chance?" blurted Stewie, far from his usual calm and collected self.
"There are things out there waiting to eat us!" he practically screamed back at Mavis.

"Don't you think your overthinking this?" asked Abigail. She was getting cold and bored. It seemed like hours since they had heard the Bells singing under the trees. They were no closer to making a decision and the Sun wasn't showing any signs of wanting to rise.
"Shouldn't it be light by now?" she asked no one in particular.

Mavis and Stewie pricked their ears and looked out into the darkness.
"Yes it should" said Mavis quietly.

"What day is it?" asked Stewie with a hint of dread...

"Don't know." said Abigail, "...sort of lost track of the days, what with all the distractions." and she nodded her head towards Mavis.
"My mind is a bit fuzzy..., but I remember it was half term break...and there was a party coming up."

Mavis and Stewie looked at each other...then back into the darkness....then up at the massive...shimmering moon....


"THAT'S IT!...I'm off...!" Abigail snapped and stepped off the porch onto the gravel path.
But instead of running towards the gates that lead to  the street, she turned and sprinted across the lawn, in the general direction of the Bells.

"WAIT FOR US!!..."DON'T LEAVE US HERE!!" Stewie and Mavis cried as they sped after her.

The tree line had never seemed so far away in daylight.
Abigail was fully focused on the tiny lights she could now see ahead.
"Please don't let them be Daisies" she half prayed to herself, gasping for air as her lungs tightened with fear.

"My goodness she can shift!" called Stewie as he hurtled onward...

"Jump on my back Stewie!..." called Mavis, "Your too near the ground for comfort."

Much as Stewie was proud he wasn't going to argue. The ground wasn't his natural choice of environment...even without Demonic Daisies. He leaped up onto Mavis' back just as she remembered she had wings...
As they sailed upwards, they noticed the slithering tendrils racing along the lawn, squealing and snarling and sprouting flower buds as they passed.
"QUICK!" screamed Stewie, "They're after Abigail!!!"


"Do you think we should help them?"
" it not our duty to help others whenever we can?"
"But shouldn't our allegiances be with our own kind?"
"Even if Our Own Kind are behaving monstrously?" 
"The Pink one smells of Violets.... maybe it is one of Our Kind?"
"...and the Green one is covered in Daisies...."
"Let's call them over for a quiet chat."
 The Bluebells chimed in their gentle, beckoning manner.
"If they are not Our Kind they won't hear us anyway.


Abigail was just nearing the tree line that began the area known as "Dead Man's Wood" when she noticed the stinging in her heels. 
She squealed in pain and felt herself stumble towards the venomous hissing Daisies that had ensnared her.


Mavis swooped down, and Stewie grabbed Abigail by her hair. He knew he wasn't strong enough to lift Abigail, but he was a master at flinging things long distances...and he planned on doing just that with Abigail!

As she screamed in pain, Abigail found herself flying through the night sky towards the woodland...before landing in a confused and crumpled heap in front of a line of startled Bluebells.

"It must be one of Our Kind, but I've never known one respond so quickly when called."
"Don't worry Cousin Violet, the Daisies won't come here. They prefer open ground to the cover of trees.
Will Cousin Meadow and the Squirrel thing be joining us?"

"Cousin Meadow?" queried Abigail, "Do you mean Mavis?"

At that moment Mavis landed gently beside her, and Stewie jumped down, ready to snip the head off any floral fiend that went anywhere near Abigail.

"Pssst...Abigail..." Stewie whispered. "You know we are in "Dead Man's Wood" don't you?
Maybe chatting with the plants isn't such a good idea..."
"Maybe we should all calm down." said the tallest Bluebell.

"We understand you're upset, but you shouldn't judge all Floral Life by the behaviour of those particular Daisies. You are safe from their snapping teeth here."

"Look.." said Mavis, "We may be safe from "Those Daisies", and Stewie and myself are more than happy to linger here til light...but a place called "Dead Man's Wood" safe for Abigail? She is after all a "Man" of sorts..."

"Really???" the Bluebells seemed rather confused by this statement, but remained calm and charming as is their way.
"We are sure your "Abigail" will be just as safe as you here,"

"One question...." added Abigail, "Why is it called "Dead Man's Wood"?"

But that is a story for another night mwahahahahaa
:D see you soon!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Simply Beautiful

My 4th and final GDT post for 
I'd like to start by thanking the team at SOS
for allowing me the privilege of joining them through
October. I've truly enjoyed making all the projects..
and I think this one is my favourite of all.

As soon as I saw the prompt I knew what I wanted to do.
I have tree stamps...many tree stamps...I LOVE trees!
The set I chose to use are from Creative Expression's
"Create a Scene" collection(which may be discontinued)
Skeleton trees look so magnificent against a wintery sky
so I used an assortment of ink pads, torn paper and brushes ...
to create a sort of landscape...
before overstamping with Archival black ink.
A little more work with ink and brush to blend the scene...
and a hint of glitter on the moon/sun and ground to 
let the magic of the season sparkle through :D
I wanted to keep the card CAS
 so I simply stamped the sentiment straight onto the card too.

Whatever your beliefs I wish you all a 
beautiful season of peace and love.
Enjoy :D XXX

Entering the following Challenges;

Friday, 21 October 2016

Smelling the rot...

Tis that time of year again...
The theme for Magaly's
 Witches in Fiction 2016

Magaly has been a tad unwell, and I know how much she loves Moon Dasies...
so I have decided to continue telling the story of 
Mavis, Abigail and Stewie's adventure in a very rotten garden...
*if your new to the story you can read the previous instalments here


"I have to say I'm most impressed with your speedy recovery Mavis" said Stewie as they crept along the veranda at the front of the old creepy house.

"Thank you" replied Mavis, "You're not doing so bad yourself."

Abigail eyed the pair suspiciously, waiting for Stewie to bite at the obvious sarcasm in Mavis' comment.

"Fair play to you Mavis... but I am being quite serious. I can honestly say I wasn't expecting such a positive outcome after discovering you had eaten all those Daisies. I am pretty sure their vicious toxicity would have killed most creatures."

"Most creatures don't have the determined digestive system of a Sheep." was Mavis' aloof response, and Abigail thought it best to change the subject.

"Your Butterfly Wings are a particularly lovely side- effect, and so useful."

"Yes they are pretty awesome aren't they?"

"Not sure that they go with the fangs though." chipped in Stewie.

"Back to the job in hand I think." said Abigail, as they had reached the gap where the balustrade was broken.

"So... the plan is to wait for the sun to come up...then run down the gravel path to the road as quicky as possible..." said Stewie. "The whole point of gravel paths is to stop the weeds coming up, so we should be safe enough."

"Why wait for the sun?" queried Mavis.

"Why not? Do you have a problem with the sunlight?" jibed Stewie.

"Noooooo....just in a hurry to leave this place!" replied Mavis.

"She does have a point Stewie." Abigail joined in, " Why wait?"

"Because..." said Stewie, "...we can't see if anything is trying to trip us up in the dark...that's how hunters get you... setting traps in the dark patches. Trust me... I'm a prey animal...this is Kindergarten stuff!"

"Sounds reasonable." said Abigail.

"Fine by me then." said Mavis, and all three peered out across the lawn, watching for the slightest movement in the shadowy darkness.

Mavis' senses were still a lot sharper than they had been before her "conversion", and she was again hearing something strange.

"Now I don't want any flippant remarks..." she said, looking pointedly at Stewie, " but can anyone else hear ringing? Like teeny tiny bells?"

Abigail and Stewie strained to listen....

"Ummm....yes actually." replied Stewie.

"Me too" said Abigail..."teeny tiny tinkling bells...coming from the tree line I think."

"And is it just me....or are they playing a tune?" asked Mavis.

"Again... I would have to agree." Said Stewie...

"Show Me the Way to go Home ???" all three said simultaneously.

"Now we just have to decide whether they are being helpful or sarcastic" commented Stewie.


I feel there may be another instalment shortly...
sleep tight
don't let the Daisies bite
mwahahahahaha....:D XXX


Thursday, 20 October 2016

Having a Ghoul's night in?

Sorry...but there are so many gorgeous images around for this time of year
it is hard not to buy...

Today's card is inspired by
Also entering;
*cos Anything Goes sites aren't just for DT postings*

 I find myself avoiding "Sketch" based challenges...
especially when they are as complex as this one...

but I do love me a challenge!
I started by counting the layers...
I needed 5 rectangles + long length across + topper!
I decided the easiest way to make sure the 
layers went together well was to take 5 papers from 
a complete collection.
 but then this scrap of floweriness jumped into the mix...
 and then a scrap of embossed card crept in too.
 The layering looked a bit "flat" but matting each piece
 would have made the card really bulky,
so I just scraped the edges with a sharp blade
*very satisfying mwahahaha...*
A little bit of fussy cutting on the flowery paper
 gave a bit more interest to the cross border

It is much easier to make the base card up
 and then choose colours to use on your topper.
 I NEEDED to use "Sugar Skull" from TPS
I find it best to make a palette on the same paper/card 
as I have printed on before colouring,
 as this gives you a truer colour to choose from
 All in all...I think this turned out pretty cool
for a Ghoul's night in :D
Enjoy :D XXX
BTW...Tomorrow s Magaly's "Witches in Fiction" event
so I will be posting the next instalment of